Reading Group and Schedule

We have a semi-regular reading group over Zoom on Wednesdays from 1500--1600 UTC.

Date Paper Lead
24 Nov Dan
27 Oct Pre-Training a Language Model Without Human Language. Chiang and Lee 2020 Ramon
29 Sep Towards General Purpose Vision Systems. Gupta et al. 2021 Rita
15 Sep Multimodal Few-Shot Learning with Frozen Language Models. Tsimpoukelli et al. 2021 Emanuele
16 Jun Grounding ‘Grounding’ in NLP. Chandu et al. 2021. Ramon
26 May Episodic Transformer for Vision-and-Language Navigation. Pashevich et al. 2021. Dylan
21 Apr Unifying Vision-and-Language Tasks via Text Generation. Cho et al. 2021. Rita
7 Apr How Many Data Points is a Prompt Worth?. Le Scao and Rush 2021. Erkut
24 Mar Learning Transferable Visual Models From Natural Language Supervision. Radford et al. 2021. Aykut
24 Feb Behind the Scene: Revealing the Secrets of Pre-trained Vision-and-Language Models. Cao et al. 2020. Des
10 Feb UNIMO: Towards Unified-Modal Understanding and Generation via Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning. Li et al. 2020. Emanuele
27 Jan
VinVL: Making Visual Representations Matter in Vision-Language Models. Zhang et al. 2021. Semih
13 Jan
Watch-And-Help: A Challenge for Social Perception and Human-AI Collaboration. Puig et al. 2020. Ramon
25 Nov Language Grounds Experience. Bisk et al. 2020. Semih
28 Oct Vokenization: Improving Language Understanding with Contextualized, Visual-Grounded Supervision. Tan and Bansal 2020. Des
14 Oct Grounded Language Learning Fast and Slow. Hill et al. 2020. Łukasz
30 Sep A Developmental Approach to Machine Learning? Smith and Slone 2017. Łukasz
9 Sep Learning Visual Representations with Caption Annotations.  Sariyildiz et al. 2020. ???
26 Aug Probing Text Models for Common Ground with Visual Representations. Ilharco et al. 2020. Erkut
15 Jul Learning to Learn Words from Visual Scenes. Surís et al. 2019. Aykut
24 Jun
The symbol grounding problem. Harnad 1990. Des