Assistant Professor
University of Copenhagen
Department of Computer Science
02.1.10, Universitetsparken 1
KĂžbenhavn 2100

10/23: Three papers accepted at EMNLP 2023. Congratulations to Laura, Jonas, and Nadav!

10/23: One paper accepted at WMT. Congratulations Tosho!

10/23: Talking about Pixel Language Models at ML in PL 2023.

9/23: Recruiting up to two Ph.D students to work on tokenization-free language modelling. Apply through the ELLIS Ph.D Portal by November 15 and name me as a potential advisor.

07/23: Hiring a postdoc to join the Villum Young Investigator project on pixel-based language modelling. Applications due by 31 August.

07/23: Talking about Multimodal Learning at LXMLS 2023.

05/23: One paper accepted at ACL 2023 on retrieval-augmented multilingual image captioning. Congratulations to Rita!

05/23: Talk at Young Statisticians Denmark